Engraving Service, Selection of Materials, Size Chart

About engraving service

We can engrave it as your favorite words and text messages you specify on all our products. The price is 200yen per character.

Available characters in Alphabet uppercase block body letters, numbers and  Kanji. 

Japanese engraving by hand carving price is 2,000 yen per character.
Kanji, hiragana, katakana, and numbers are possible.

*Depending on the size or product you specify, the following items can't be engrave for:

  • limiting the number of character
  • less than 1.2mm heights metal parts


About selection of materials

All metals / gems we use are bought from a certified metal / gems supplier in Japan. Everything our listing items can be change to any other materials below.
As separately we prepare and provide an estimated value of gold market price. Please feel free contact us.

 *We may need to estimate it for according to your specifications.

*Examples of finishes: "hammered pattern," "high shining," and "matte finishing" from top to bottom


About the size table

We're producing with the following sizes as standard. For more details, please see the individual page.

Ring / Band #1 to #21JP
Bracelet / Bangle

Men's: wrist circumference 17.5cm

Women's: wrist circumference 15.5cm


Men's: chain length 46cm

Women's: chain length 40cm


Ankle 24cm *Common for men and women