Our philosophy and craftsmanship

“Junique Jewelry” has quality and comfort for “adult men and women who like to enjoy fashion casually with genuine jewelry”.

Jewelry made with high-quality materials not only makes our everyday life more pleasant, but also creates a profound and sophisticated look for you.  They truly lift our spirits.  It comes from the “joyful excitement” which gives us “a feeling something good is going to happen” and “hope and expectation for the future.”  It is Junique Jewelry’s wish that you will pick up that magic called “joyful excitement,” and become happier the moment you put on our products.

 A large part of the gold we see in the market today such as “K18GP” and “K14GF” are plated.  Due to Junique Jewelry’s policy to accept highly selected materials only, no plated gold is used for our products in order to pursue comfort in fashion accessories.

 In the process of designing and creating jewelry, we remove all unnecessary elements.  Instead, we pursue only reasonable and essential structures.  The designs are minimalist, and the majority of them are unisex.  We respect practical aesthetics.   With special care we create pieces you will want to wear for many years.

 You have various scenes and occasions in your life such as the time you spend by yourself, romantic dates and important business meetings.  Junique Jewelry is suitable for any of these settings.  We consider sensibility in the beauty of simplicity as “practical beauty“.  Our products are outcomes of “functional beauty,” “practical aesthetics” and the vision of the designer.



◆The heart of jewelry: finishing which brings out the genuineness of the material 

 We select the types of materials such as “Silver 925,” “10K Gold” and “18K Gold” depending on the specific product’s concept.  For the finishing process, artisans share our trial and error process to choose “high shining,” “matte finishing” or “hammered pattern” and so on.


◆The work with no compromise

The process of jewelry making can be divided into many small tasks.  High and careful skills are essential to bring out the beauty of the precious metals and jewels we use.

 The products of Junique Jewelry are created in our art studio located in Taito-ku, Tokyo in Japan.  It is a district where old factories and wholesale stores still exist, and provides us with opportunities to do quality work.  We keep working until our expectations are fulfilled.  In the final stage of the process, highly experienced artisans finish our pieces one by one.


Our own quality-check method for people who wear our jewelry

We design our products with respect for the beauty which is reasonable for both looking at and wearing.  For this purpose, samples are created to 0.0X mm precision to meet the expected structure and function.

 This is a belief of the owner-designer of Junique Jewelry who has been wearing various domestic and foreign accessories over many years, and has experience in working at jewelry stores.  She knows that large, excessively fancy and decorative accessories may be heavy to wear, and also may slip off from our bodies.  On the other hand, delicate and fragile ones may get easily damaged, and therefore cause us stress when we wear them. 

 Thus, in order to prove our products are reasonable to see and to wear, she has created her unique method to test them.  When samples are created, she wears them for their trial going through vigorous exercise sessions.  In that way, she checks their design and quality: if they stay in place and do not cause any problems when we move around.

 It is Junique Jewelry’s products which are “comfortable enough to wear over hours” to have made it possible to combine two opposite concepts together: “to do vigorous sports” and “to enjoy fashion”. 

We have turned over the “common sense” which recommends jewelry to be removed when playing sports.


◆Our wish expressed in the products of Junique Jewelry

This jewelry is created by the designer from her own experience since childhood to live with the fascination of “genuineness,” and is combined with “contemporary sensibility.”  It expresses her wish to you “to be yourself” and “to live your life freely every day.” 

 Junique Jewelry is unique and simple.  Therefore it is unconventional at the level of “specially ordered.”  We wish that our products will lift your spirits, and add gaiety to your life.