I wonder if my birthday present for this year is also that out-of-fashion jewelry.

I was really passionate about fashion from an early age, but as I grew older, I began to feel bored with the rings, earrings, and necklaces that my father, who ran a jewelry shop, made for me.

Although I was feeling this way, a turning point happened to me - the death of my father. My father's figure and shape are gone, but when I looked at his unfinished jewelry, I felt I had been entrusted with a part of my life.

After my father's death, I learned to make and sell at a jewelry workshop in Tokyo, Japan for about 10 years.

And here I am.

This is my original experience.

Dreams come true.

With all these precious things my father left me with, I want to cherish every opportunity, in myself, and most importantly, follow my inspirations, and my way.

I hope that the jewelry I made will have such a presence that people will feel their energy whenever they wear it.

 Owner Designer Junko Kumazawa